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It is the mission of Apostolic Church to lead people to real transformation as they connect with God, become more like Him, and influence their world. The ministries at AC are designed to help any individual on their spiritual journey.


The AC Growth Track guides you to discover your redemptive purpose and live the life God wants for you. Growth Track is comprised of four steps that equip you to follow Jesus, connect with other believers through the local church, discover your God-given gifts, and use those gifts to serve others.

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Learn the spiritual journey that God has for each of us, to know Jesus personally.

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Explore AC and find out how you can connect with our incredible church.



Discover your personality and gifts. See how they reveal a path to your spiritual purpose.

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Find out about the areas of opportunity to live out your spiritual purpose at AC.


If you would like to join the next session of Growth Track, register today and our team will contact you with more information.


AC Kids is the AC children's ministry. Every week our AC Kids staff creates a safe and engaging environment for children ages 5-12. Lively music, engaging action songs, fun stories, and lots of laughs go into each and every service!


Net Student Ministries is a group of unique students from a variety of different backgrounds with only one purpose at heart – to connect with God.  The heartbeat that drives our purpose is to Give Completely, Pray Boldly, and Love Intentionally.  With that purpose in mind, the Net is striving to affect the lives of other students by how we live our own lives.

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While the culture around us will attempt to persuade us to give only what is required, the Net is driven to Give Completely in all that we do and with all that God has blessed us with.  We are passionate about going above and beyond that which is required.

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With the concept of prayer quickly slipping out of the grasp of today’s generation, the Net refuses to follow the same path.  The Net understands the power of prayer and possesses the knowledge that the action to Pray Boldly will change the outcome of any situation.



We are called to love others as God has loved us; as we are and for who we can become.  A great disconnect exists between what love is and who deserves it but the Net is driven to Love Intentionally in order to lead other students towards a relationship with Christ.



Net Exchange Class | 7:00p


Plug Student Service | 7:30p


Dozens of small groups are meeting every week, bringing people together who share similar interests, are in the same stage of life, or want to learn from each other. We believe God created us to live in community with others and only then can we experience the full life He intends for us. Join a small group today!

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